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Dec 9, 2023

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COOP - Tue, May 1, 2018, 3:12 P
May 2nd Special Member Meeting!!
Special Member Meeting Agenda
Leverett Village Coop
May 2 5-7pm Leverett Town Hall

Welcome! Thank you for coming. 10mins
Communication Guidelines: 5mins
• Respectful Speaking, Stay concise,
• Attentive Listening, Please don’t interrupt others
• Raise Your hands to speak,

The Purpose of today’s meeting is 1. Adjust the bylaws to expand the BOD, and to clarify the wording referencing when the board can fill vacancies. 2. The current Board of Directors will vote additional members on to the BOD to fill vacancies until the next annual meeting when Co-op members will vote to approve the nominated board members to a full term. We currently have 6 applicants to the BOD. 2mins

Bylaw Change with Membership Vote: 20mins

• Section 1. The administration of the cooperative corporation shall be delegated to a Board of
Directors consisting of no more than seven members.
• Membership Vote:
Please raise your hand- 9 (count votes) 11 (count votes)

• Section 5. In case of vacancy other than expiration of a term when there are two or fewer months until the Annual Meeting, the remaining members of the Board of Directors may at their discretion fill the vacancy.
• Membership Vote:
The board proposes to change “when there are two or fewer months” to “when there are two or more months.”

Member Engagement: 15mins
• members tell us about their vision for the future of the Coop

Voting by Board of Directors: 30mins
Candidates come forward introduction & why they would like to join the Village Cooperative Board of Directors.

The Vote:
Board Applicants
Jono Neiger Paula Green
Pat Fiero Susan Mareneck
Apple Ahearn Ann Ferguson
Welcome on Board! There’s so much to do going forward. Thank you in advance for your time and willingness to bring your talents to help the Village Cooperative.

Board of Director Vote for executive board positions: 15mins

Thank You!
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