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COOP - Fri, Mar 16, 2018, 11:41 A
Search Committee News
Hello Everyone! We wanted to give you an update on our progress as we seek candidates to fill the General Manager position at the Co-op.

Please Help us Spread the Word by directing people to for more information. Thanks!

We have listed our announcement on, Cooperative Grocer Network, Western MA Craigslist and fliers have been posted locally. We are placing ads in the Recorder, Hampshire Gazette and the Montague Reporter this week and will continue to update the listing on Craigslist bi-weekly. We will consider other listing platforms early April.

We have received one application and are working on drafting interview questions for our potential applicants.

We look forward to having the community engaged in the process as we build a pool of potential candidates for you to meet. Thanks for your continued support of the Village Cooperative as we Grow our Community Together!

Jono Neiger, Apple Ahearn, Pat Fiero, Ruth West, Carol King, Raymond Bradley, Rich Nathhorst, Ken Brownell, Heather Hutchinson
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